'Bird Flower' mixed media textile 

Anne collects recycled fabric, paper and ephemera using collage, stitch, photographic and print processes to create a range of work, framed and free hanging. Her inspirations are taken from travel and memory and naïve, outsider and folk art. Her heavily embroidered and textural works have been described as 'small worlds', with a small scrap or remnant of fabric that can inspire a whole piece. Collaborations are an important aspect of her work and she enjoys working with other artists.

Anne produces projects and commissions for private and public individuals (see 'Commissions' page). She teaches (see her blog for current teaching and events) and speaks to guilds and groups. She was a guest and invited tutor, artist in residence at a beautiful garden and exhibited at the internationally renowned 'World of Threads Festival' in 2014. Anne is currently writing 'Textile Nature' about the many connections between textile art and the natural world for Batsford Books, due out in 2016.

Review of 'Small Worlds' exhibition: 'The materials were everyday and accessible and also accessible and also evocative, it inspired me to get stitching...even though you could create your own work you still wondered if it had as much to say or as much depth as Anne's work' author and tutor Carolyn Forster. Anne's co-written book- 'Connected Cloth' was published in Autumn 2013. This reflects her teaching and project work in the UK and abroad.











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